What is even going on?

2011-04-17 02:22:15 by TaylorS

So I'll be finishing up 2 years of music school in a couple of weeks and will have more time to write music. Hopefully I can build more of a repertoire before I go off to my next college.

Yooooo Dawgz

2010-06-02 11:21:02 by TaylorS

I'm back and with a new song. So check it out.

Also this new song marks the beginning of my Scenes From A Toy Shoppe series. Wait and see for what is to come will bring you to your knees. Maybe.


2010-04-02 15:49:23 by TaylorS

Well I guess I'm here now. Newgrounds seems to be a pretty good place to share my music.

Thanks in advance to anyone who listens to my work